With the "Control Panel" of the web hosting, you can manage your hosting comfortably. The panel is made up of a section with hosting information and different sections with tools. To access the management panel of the hosting, in the "Basic list of services", click on the Hosting option of the hosting you want to manage.

1.- Hosting information

From the "Hosting information" section you can perform administrative operations such as renew, extend features, change the owner of the hosting or change the version of PHP. You also have the general information of the hosting such as the web IP, the space occupied, the transfer consumed and the username and password of MySQL and FTP.


In this section you have different sections with the hosting tools separated by functionalities.


In this section you manage the email of the hosting. You can register email accounts, manage Antivirus / Antispam, the Newsletter User for mass mailings or the management of distribution lists with the Mailman Lists.

File managers

In 'File managers' you have all the tools to be able to access and manage the files of your hosting. You can register FTP users, decompress files, activate SSH / SFTP access and enable SVN and GIT services.


This section allows you to manage the hosting MySQL databases, as well as create MySQL users.


In 'Server' you have information about our server. Also, you can configure the PHP settings, error pages, and cronjobs. You can also view the server error log.


In the domain section you have all the tools related to the hosting domain. You can configure web redirects, hosting aliases, multi-domains, subdomains and configure parking pages. You can also access the domain's DNS management.


In this section you have information about the statistics of visits and consumption graphs of your hosting.


In this section you can install CMS applications on your hosting.


Here you can manage different options related to site security. You can restore backups, set file and folder permissions, and activate the application firewall. You can also request SSL certificates.



In this section you have several options regarding the contracted product. You can modify the characteristics of the hosting and obtain information about charges and volume discounts. You can also configure the White Label Panel. With the Internal Migration option you have the possibility of transferring the hosting to another cdmon user.